1.   audit current experiences and report what’s working and not working, and why. Make recommendations to improve the experience
  2.   supported methods:
  3.   expert evaluation
  4.   usability testing
  5.   field usability inquiry
customer insights
  1.   provide insight into customer attitudes, behaviors, needs, and wants to inform product development and refinement
  2.   supported methods:
  3.   ethnographic research
  4.   participatory design
  5.   field usability inquiry
strategy and design
  1.   provide design strategy and recommendations for creating or improving user experiences
  2.   discover opportunity spaces for new products, services, and experiences
  3.   create high-level and detailed designs for web sites and applications
  4.   supported practices:
  5.   information architecture
  6.   interaction design
  7.   visual design
  8.   content strategy
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